Total Progressive Collapse (2016)  -  LP / 2CD Box
Alfa Matrix

All lyrics by David Chamberlin


This burn is a sign of the carbon left behind,
Buried under ages of ignorance and pride.
Excuses aside, how do we provide
For a future that is fading of life?

Out there, I know what is happening,
Even when I can’t see, I can feel it like a cool breeze.
In time that I know won’t be long, we will see our last sun,
Into orbit we’ll run, when we’ve nothing to hold on...


Move on, carry us through this atmosphere reduced to
Simulations that move, lifeless and confused.
We’ll take our time to stay out of their view,
But if they should notice, and try to stop us...

They can lay their powers of abuse on me,
They can beat me until I bleed,
They can throw me down until my knees can’t feel the street!
They may think they know what I am fighting for,
But it’s far beyond their reach,
And for every breath they steal, I’ll take back 2 for me!

Let’s move, we’re not nearly through the maze this has turned into,
All the roads we once knew now cease to be true,
But as darkness falls, we can climb the walls,
And through the shadows run above the guns and open graveyards...

Compatible With My Intoxication

Caught between all the lives that I have weaved
Seamlessly into the fiber of who I used to be,
I can tell what I love about myself,
But in momentary doubt I can count on the drugs to help.

Sometimes when I feel like giving up,
I think if I only could find
A way to appear like you,
Everything would be alright.
When what I do is never enough
To feel halfway normal,
I can find my intoxication
And suddenly everything is compatible.

Taught to believe only what it is I can see,
But as time erodes all mystery, I can’t tell between
What is real, or which of these facades is the mirror,
Or where I am each time I it a dream or is it fear?

Power Play

I may not have much in the way of money,
But what I hold dear is enough for me...

I can survive without a weapon,
I can disappear without a trace of where I came from,
I am free and alive in more ways than you could ever imagine!

Go play your power games away from me,
‘Cause all of your attempts to break and control me
Are nothing but a waste of energy.

I may not know what lies beyond my vision,
But I can feel where I belong, and it’s nowhere near you.
I may not have a clear definition of the conventions that unite us,
But I know abuse when it meets me head on, and when enough is enough.

Secondary To My Love

The further I look, the more that I find,
In this ordinary life, a population devoid
Of anything like what I’ve known you to be.
On top of the world (inside my mind)
But alone in my skin (afraid to die)
On this temporary ride, the only fear of mine
Is that I’ve already seen you for the last time.

With each phase that I pass through,
Everything is secondary to the love I have for you.
With each step that moves me away,
I still feel right beside you.
With each face that I pass through,
Everything is secondary to the love I have for you,
Although each day pulls me further away,
I can still feel you.

The longer I wait, the more that I try,
In this unrelenting symmetry of love and lies,
To tip the balance for the last time.
In touch with the void (that pulls me in),
And armed with the knife (that carves my skin),
But the truth I’m met with everytime I reach the bone
Is there’s no way to replace you.

Chloroform Suicide

Stories that percolate through time, I don’t expect you to notice.
Memories pull me aside...and on my own, on my own.

Angels wander aimlessly through coloured streets for charity,
And all my doubts prevail.
From the stars through clouds of shame,
Still paradise calls my name...

I found our dreams today
In the pages they create,
Softly burned away,
And I don’t care, I don’t care.

Soft skin and warm skies, we transformed graveyards into life.
St. Brelade’s Bay rings like yesterday in the timeline of my mind...
In my heart, your impervious concern is my fault...
Lovers imprisoned in defeat. On my own, on my own.

Alone, afraid, I should have died when I was eight.
Passing through the fragments, I isolate on my own, on my own.


Expected to leave
A body that crawls before me,
A voice unable to speak,
A heart divided, broken and weak...
Failure to lead
A future that’s proven and bleak,
A formula pushed on the meek,
A promise to serve until I bleed.

Why do you come here to see what I have done?
Standing idle as I move on...
I live on the edge, a world outside your cell,
And I will outlive your hell.

No room to be free,
A populus spawned by debris,
Enveloping senses that see,
Corrupting minds that concede to dream...
Black and white nightmares
Reflecting traditions of hell,
The lessons of God have gone stale,
We’ve no control to sell...


You there, spilling shadows on the floor,
Wasting light on an autotroph with no form,
Leaking life you contaminate through the pores
Of your leprous skin, deformed and torn.
You’ve come a long way from the sewage you crawl from,
Spreading your filth as blood to your newborns,
Taking my sight with the horrors you stand for...
And proudly claim the weaknesses you die for.

You’re a creature, not even human,
But a feature of the demons you abide by, hogtied,
Prisoners in the hell of your mind!
Keep your hatred festering inside,
Directed away from my eyes.
I have no time to participate in the regression of your life!

One day I woke but I wasn’t alone,
No paralyzing fear of the unknown,
No void inside to distract from my goals,
Only bright lights on a road that only I know.
And I can see the pollution that you bring,
The trail of garbage that you leave,
And as I breathe the dust you disease,
My intolerance of you has all the reasons it needs!

Steadily Losing Faith

Thought I realized what I want, and what I was made of.
Thought I understood the rules, but in your game I’ve no clue.
I’ve offered benefits for my doubts, picked my battles where it counts,
And I’ve seen the ways you come apart, where you’re weak and where you

And I am now losing faith,
Steadily distancing away
From the hope that you betray...
A future that hovers like bait.
I have now lost my way,
Following blindly as you prey.
The respect that I once gave to you was my mistake.

Can you clarify what is happening, and what it is you’re thinking?
I have followed for so long, and I can see that you are wrong.
Your heartbeat keeps time of a world that’s not alive,
A mind that can’t survive without an ego to reside.


Mind racing,
Senses escalating,
Tension elevating,
Temperature exceeding measure...
Alive, but short lived,
In possession of all the time we could need
If we isolate the madness we seek...

I can find all I need to honor this life in moments that collide,
By your side, into a paradise.
I can credit all I’ve loved in this life to moments of blindness,
Blessed with eyes that see into your darkness.

Alone, and making
Decisions, imitating choices,
Though I may be capable,
I’m not willing to lose you.
I will take your trust preserved with me,
In a flesh wound I can see.


You’ve led me here and shown me around this corporate landscape,
Knowing all the while I’m not here to stay.
So share your secret with no resistance,
‘Cause why would I ever retain it?

But what if I wanted to remember?
What if I cared enough to know?
What if I gave up my indifference for a moment, to take control?

You may not see from the outside,
But I’m the one who’s been holding on
To the laws that you provide
When each one of you fall.
And you may not feel on the inside
How close you’ve come to lose it all
At the lies you abide by
When I prove them wrong.

You left me here, never thinking I would
Move through the walls of your world
Collecting orphaned data like intel, unobserved...
In the air vents, counting footsteps,
I know where they lead to.


If I could find something to rely on,
Something functional and real that you could follow,
Would you brush everything away to let me lead you astray?
I can’t promise that I’m right, I can only follow the compass inside.

And I figured out how to be strong,
How to find the strength to carry on,
How to find a source of momentum
When all of it feels gone.
I can find a way out of this maze,
Even in my darkest mistake.
Even when the light is dimming,
I can find the escape.

Inside my mind is everything I lean on.
Every answer to my prayers, I can hold in my arms.
But time moves everyone away, and I needed you to stay.
Left without a choice to make, I could only let my heart break.

Total Progressive Collapse

One day, one minute,
Everyone that I knew was alive and well.
But in one long second,
Everything was gone and I woke up in hell.
And I cried out
To the cold, dead walls that confine me,
“What have I done
To deserve this inhumanity?”

Just when you think it’s over,
And the sunlight breaks in,
You find there’s only time for
One last hope to die within.
And as they walk you slowly
To the last place you will stand,
Just before your last breath, do one thing for me.
Remember what we had.

Too late for questions,
No more time for regrets or second chances.
When today has ended, nothing they can do will continue to
Override my right to a life devoid of misery,
Undermine my place in the future for a temporary glimpse of authority!

Life Liberty

When our eyes adjust to the light
That seeps through the cracks in our system
Holding us
We’ll have our first look at what we’ve done
And who we are without restraint
Without diplomacy or social order
Without a framework of lies
Without sides.

We hold these truths to be self evident.
We hold these truths to be SACRED!

When I woke up, the world fell silent
All value gone, logic obstructed
A realm of dreams buried in darkness
All that we need consumed by greed.

As the light of day is sucked from my eyes
A removal of shadow
All at once
A void that falls on a powerless surface
All embers out
Without a solitary sign of purpose
Without the reach of a god
Without law.

Necessary Wants

There are things in life that cannot be understood by looking at the data.
Sometimes the impulses that we can’t be sure we feel...are real.
I have found myself looking backward, deconstructing years of denial
That I instilled based on the rules that I was a slave to.

It’s about time I get what I want,
I won’t be denied by anyone.
I have come a long way with one thing in mind,
And I’ll get what I came for.
This is my right to take what I want,
I won’t be denied by you.
I have come too far with one thing in mind,
And I’ll get what I came for.

There are times when I haven’t found the truth in popular opinion.
But to be honest, somewhere on this sea of lies, I too have sought reflection.
But I have found a way around the systematic misery by which you’re bound,
The endless gravity of a soulless, hopeless society.

Set These Walls On Fire (2015)   -   EP
Alfa Matrix

All lyrics by David Chamberlin

Only Ruins [alone]

Settle down,
I can see you facing forward with a frown...
But I'm not listening.
I say words that I don't mean,
Behind thoughts, beyond feelings that won't leave...
But I'm not listening, I'm not answering.

Beyond the blood beneath my skin,
Beneath the flood of hostile thoughts that hide within,
Through broken speech, a symphony of holy moments remain with me.
In faint disguise, I shake the softly crumbling fragments from my life...
And I'm not listening, I'm not answering.

These are not words of violence,
Only reflections of myself.
Only ruins...
These are not scars of loneliness,
Only the fragments of myself.
Only ruins manifested.

Proximity Love

Time is all I remember, slowly slipping by...
Through the hours, I've been turning back clocks and thinking of you.

I turned to find my faith but your devotion was a lie.
And effortlessly, you protect yourself and use me.
Sacrificed and broken, proximity convenience overtakes emotion...
Beautiful hearts: in motion.

Time is all I remember, slowly slipping by...
But apathy, wasted energy releases me.
Confronting adoration with coping strategies:
Fear of love, fear of loss, fear of life alone.

Take, take your time,
Take everything your fractured arms can hold,
I'll be nothing more to you, and you'll lose nothing more.
In this cinematic future, in this mission I have no home.
In this mission, in this heart.

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Compatible With My Intoxication [sober]
Bloodborn [utero]

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Liar For Profit [arson]
Pressure (Psy'Aviah)
Fraud [burn]
Rites Of Romance (Avarice In Audio)

Part Of The Movement - Bonus Tracks Version (2015)   -   LP
Alfa Matrix

All lyrics by David Chamberlin

Liar For Profit

I can tell that your price is not fair,
That this line is not real,
I don't have to stand here!
Compromise to survive this level of fear,
At war with our peers,
But we don't have to stand here!

Crawling the ceilings for something to gather...
The spoils have spilled,
We need to scatter!
Water flows from skin and pores,
So why should we suffer
Under the plans of poisonous men in power?

Your time is over and out,
Today I rise from your crown.
You're a liar for profit,
A lowdown shit-head for hire!
Your time is over and out,
Too frail, too weak to be found,
You're a liar for profit,
Time to set these walls on fire!


Obsessed with space and personal choice 
In times of silence,
So tear a page out, leave me a note,  
Then leave me the hell alone!  
Entirely construct, and willing to fight,
An immovable force kept alive, 
So take your turn, your time is earned,  
And leave me to burn.

Go find a lost friend, put the rumors aside,
Awaken an old life.  
Treat yourself to your personal demons
Who decide to fight.
In touch with reason,
Still your system will fail...   
Requesting offers from a stranger, unable to feel.

Indisposed, now under oath, 
What happened to the life that you know?  
Keep straining to contact 
With nothing left to show.
Indisposed, now under oath, 
What happened to the life that you chose?  
Keep straining to contact
With nothing left to show.

Come Through

Endure this process,
And give me a taste of your mess.
Show me the way of your sex,
And I will promise to submit.
Bend down, nice fit,
Now give me a taste of your c--- ,
Replace my spit with your shit,
And I will come through for you.

A thin frame in distress...
Retrace the steps in your past.
Give me a taste of weakness,
Be honest...and twisted.
Call me by name,
On top with the blade in my face,
Inches away from my chest,
Your sweat on my breath.

Show me the way...and I will come through for you.

Last Stand

Civil unrest takes me to new depths  
Of power and torture,  
Blessed by misfortune and death...
Calling the victims: alone on the run and fed up.



One-sided, divided, uncivilized...
These are the times that brought crime
To what's mine.
Are you out of your minds?  
You force truth with hammers on aging victims...
Remains that lay across time.

Indifferent, and violent, and paralyzed...
Controlled by the lies of our time!
By leaders on both sides
Who want me side-lined, on standby,
Assaulted in plain sight
When I don't have the money for the fines.

Seated, waiting, suffocating.
Stressed and working, and...underdressed.
Cold and lonely, and moving slowly.
Waiting, and hearing...     


All Too Close

Tempted to break down, and I know my reasons,
But I have earned this distant existence.
I fit frame to picture, and seem to uncover 
Far too much unusual behavior...

It takes two to make up,
But an eye for an eye I've saved up. 
Repentance costs me little...
If we could all just move on.
A small weight, a mistake, 
It all adds up in your wake,
With far too many disappointments 
That still await.

You're all too close, 
It's getting out of control.  
I need some room to move...
So I say NO,  
You're all too close, 
It's out of control.  
I need some room to move on.


Hey you, you snake on the floor, 
You tasteless waste, I want to see you squirm
Like a poisonous worm in his pile of dirt, 
Head down and feeding on what you deserve.
You're toxic, infected.
You're vile, pretentious and hated!  
A cancerous sore, a son of a whore, 
I'll make you regret the day you were born!

Now look, look what you've done, 
Look down at the poison you've spread to your young.  
They'll grow up to hate every one that you fuck, 
And you'll wonder the reasons for innocence lost.  
You're vomit on canvas, 
You horrible lack of a purpose.
Alive for too long, 
Let me remind you you're nothing but scum!

You're a waste of space, and a pain in the rear,
You're an awful stench that clogs the air!
You're a waste of skin, not hungry or thin,
And I am here to make sure you fail.

Rites Of Romance

Through the details of betrayal, 
With truth on my side,
Past the point of confrontation, 
I am conformed and conditioned.
Connected to a faithless mind, 
A beautiful romance sustained by lies,
And I have no control
That this is right.

Exploring new depths of illusion
To where my mind hides,
Left alone to grow stronger, 
And I'm afraid of what I'll find.
Corrupted by rites of romance, 
Where intimate lies seem part of the process,
And I have no control.

I know you deserve to prove that you're not to lose,
But this is abuse, this is hate.
You have a right to change what you choose,
But this is abuse, this is pain.
Alone in the world to move with a concrete mission,
Blessed with vision and hope for escape,
Raised to fend for what you can let go...

Part Of The Movement

Darkness lies around me, 
Lies that break us to contain us.  
Dead laws forced upon me, 
A force that shatters dreams that matter, 
I hope they have gone on...

No choice, and born with no voice,
Let's see if we can make a new noise.  
Broken by control, abused and scorned, attacked at the soul...
Leaving only knowledge, that I am part of the movement.

With no choice, 
No body to use, 
Blood may continue,
We should warn the others.