Alfa Matrix debut EP - Set These Walls On Fire

June 12, 2015

After much work and preparation, we bring you the first of many releases to be presented by our new label, Alfa Matrix.

"Set These Walls On Fire" features 8 explosive tracks that capture the heat that fuels the heart of Entrzelle. This is a journey through a world that has shown its last colors, and in which anything is possible for those brave enough to forge their own way.  Including original remixes of 2 previously released songs, alternate versions of 4 brand new songs, and additional remixes by world-class artists Avarice In Audio and Psy'Aviah.  

01 Liar For Profit [arson]
02 Compatible With My Intoxication [sober]
03 Bloodborn [utero]
04 Only Ruins [alone]
05 Pressure (PSY’AVIAH remix)
06 Fraud [burn]
07 Proximity Love
08 Rites Of Romance (AVARICE IN AUDIO remix)

Available June 19, 2015


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