"Total Progressive Collapse" now available for pre-order

February 23, 2016  

After much anticipation, we are excited to finally present to you our sophomore album, Total Progressive Collapse.   Mastered by Sebastian Komor, with artwork by Tomoki Hayasaka, this represents the culmination of 3 years of dedicated work and introspection, and aims to convey a traditional album feel through story-telling, dynamic expression, and performance nuances. The songs build and support one another in a way that takes the listener on a complete musical experience, and the music is recorded in such a way to allow as much variety and freedom as possible.  Harsh sounds and pounding beats are in full force, but are harnessed to support the songs rather than asphyxiate them.  

Total Progressive Collapse explores a range of intensity, from thunderous anthems (“Power Play”, “Creature”, the club hit “Compatible With My Intoxication”) to the most vulnerable of love songs (“Chloroform Suicide”). Other highlights include the pop-friendly and very emotional “Secondary To My Love,” and “Stormchaser,” a very personal song that flings the listener out to orbit and back, in a delicious and insatiable aural molestation.

The album will be available as a standard CD version, but also comes out as a limited deluxe carton box edition including the 13-track album Under The Glass which contains several exclusive original bonus songs, but also features powerful remixes by CONSUMER JUNK, VENAL FLESH, ANGEL THEORY, CUTOFF:SKY, and AVARICE IN AUDIO. Unlike some double-LP’s, “Under The Glass” is intended to compliment the title disc, instead of functioning as purely a remix disc. You will discover a further exploration of themes in addition to complementary perspectives by these world class artists.

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